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Control Panels and Box Builds

At Stacey Cables we have the ability to consolidate our manufacturing expertise in all areas of Cable Harness Assembly to produce a complete system solution.

We have the capability to build and test Control Panels & Sub Assemblies built to customer’s own specification, either from existing drawings or designed in consultation with our in-house development engineers


Typical elements include:

• Custom Enclosures

• PCB assembly

• Distributed I/O systems

• Fuse boxes

• Switchgear housings

• PLC controllers

• Development one-off’s

Stacey Cables have a proven track record of satisfying OEM requirements for box & enclosure assembly. Our established supply chain includes many reputable fabricators and associated suppliers of industry standard components. Stacey Cables have the capability to ensure all value added assemblies can be tested to our clients unique specifications.

About Stacey Cables

Stacey Cables is one of the leading UK manufacturers and commercial suppliers of custom cables, cable assemblies, cable harnesses and wiring looms - all to customer specification.






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