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From simple discrete hand-soldered cable assemblies to highly complex harnesses with in excess of 1000 connections and terminations, all of which are routinely assembled at Stacey Cables.

Large and complex assemblies can be created using bespoke loom boards. This is  a tried and tested technique which ensures all conductors are fitted in the correct places and all lengths are correct to specification.


Specialist assembly categories include ribbon cable assemblies for most applications.


Cable types include:

  • Automotive Harnesses.
  • Precision High Density assemblies & Looms.
  • D Type assemblies; Stamped & formed or Turned Pin.
  • Internal & External Control Panel & box Wiring.
  • Coaxial Cables eg. BNC, TNC, SMA, SMB, SMC, MCX , MMCX, F-Type, N-Type, etc.
  • Coiled Cables to customer specification.
  • Ribbon Cables

We can provide a range of terminations and cable identification options to meet customer requirements or Industry specifications using either sleeving, heatshrink or cable marking.


At customer request we can overbraid, spot tape or over tape entire harnesses & loom assemblies. A structured test program is then developed for the finished assembly.


Typical connector series include:

  • MH Connectors D types
  • Molex Mini-fit
  • TE/ AMP Superseal
  • Molex KK
  • Amphenol circular industrial
  • Deutsch DT
  • Molex Micro-fit
  • Neutrik XLR

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Stacey Cables is one of the leading UK manufacturers and commercial suppliers of custom cables, cable assemblies, cable harnesses and wiring looms - all to customer specification.






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